The best UK + Ireland Youtubers (According to me)

I enjoy watching people play games on YouTube. It’s a strange thing to do but when it is so damn entertaining then why the heck not. Those below are the ones who I enjoy watching whenever I have chance.

First up is the excessivley cheeky Razzbowski. You’re never too far away from a cheeky or naughty comment about a game character with Razz. He mostly plays horror games but plays a variety of different genres and takes part in a Five Nights at Freddies ‘Theory Thursday’ with Dawko and the 8-Bit Gaming Ryans.

8-Bit Gaming is made up of Ryan and Other Ryan.The two Ryans play a wide variety of games from Happy Wheels to horror games like Five Nights ar Freddies. They have some awesome banter and always have a laugh. Both Ryans also have their own separate Youtube accounts, the links to which will also be below.

As with the others on this list Dawko plays mostly horror based games, but thanks to his unique style he is always worth a watch. Dawko has also been known to do charity streams.

Next up is Suzy Lu. The official Queen of Resident Evil. Suzy enjoys mostly horror games from the aforementioned Resident Evil to the Dark Souks and Bloodborne games. She is also good friends with Razzbowski, Dawko and the two Ryans from 8-bit Gaming.

How could I do a list of my favourite Youtubers and not mention Jacksepticeye.  Jack is the most popular Youtuber on this list with around 11 million followers. This loud Irish man never fails to entertain.


Razzbowski Youtube

8-bit Gaming Youtube – Ryan Youtube – Other Ryan Youtube

Dawko Youtube

Suzy Lu Youtube

Jacksepticeye Youtube


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