Tall People Q & A

I’m 6 foot 8 inches tall and everytime I go out someone asks me about me height and only my politeness is keeping me from using my particular brand of sarcasm.  Here are some of the questions I get asked along with a answer I’d like to use.

You’re tall aren’t you?

Response: Am I? You have literally changed my life with your astute observations. 

What’s the weather like up there?

Response: The same as it is where you are, I’m only a foot taller.

Do you play basketball?

Response: Yes, for that is the sport of my people!

How tall are you?

Response: Tell me complete stranger how much do you weigh?

You’d be good at cleaning my ceiling.

Response: And you’d be good at cleaning my shoes.

Can you stand next to my short friend/family member? 

Response: Yes lets inconvenience and potentially embarrass two people at once.

Can you sit down so I can see?

Response: I feel for you but if I sit down I won’t be able to see over the standing people in front of me. Why don’t you stand on your chair.

Funny thing is if I used these responses they’d look at me like I’m the one who is rudely commenting on a complete strangers height.


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