Dizzy – Retro Gaming

Firstly I apologise for the lack of posts over the past month.  This is due to being tired all the time from work and having to get up at half 3 in the morning.

What is Dizzy? Well Dizzy is a egg, with a face, feet and boxing gloves for hands. He roams the landscape picking up and using various objects to ultimately defeat the evil wizard Zaks or/and save the rest of the Yolkfolk.

The Dizzy games were released way back in the 8-bit era of the Spectrum and C64. Developed by the Oliver twins and published by Codemasters. They were a series of short adventure games, each one in a different setting. There were also a few puzzle and arcade games released featuring Dizzy but these are not what he is remembered for, at least by me.

Out of all the adventure games I think that Treasure Island is my favourite. A very tough (you only had 1 life and a bad inventory system) but rewarding game. The story is basically Dizzy gets stranded on a island and he has to find his way off the island. Many puzzles and coin collecting ensues. Only having one life makes things difficult, especially in conjunction with the inventory system. When you pick up an object it pushes the other objects up the list and ultimately drops one when you inventory contains 3 items. This is a pain when you’re under water and you are trying not to drop the snorkel. There are also hidden traps to avoid and some creatures who kill om contact.

Dizzy is easily one of my favourite charactets from back then, even though I was never any good at the games. In fact I have only really just completed them without cheating recently. Unfortunately back when they were originally released infinite lives was needed.


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