I Finished Dark Souls! (Xbox 1 BC)

Over the past few weeks I have almost obsessively been pushing through the first Dark Souls game.  Anyone who has been through the game knows that you just have to keep pushing through since the game just constantly pushes you back.

I played through it on my Xbox 1 S using the Xbox 360 version.  It does come with its set of problems such as a wonky frame rate at times but that didn’t curb any enjoyment and frustration the game sends in your direction.

My character Bob was a warrior whose main weapon was a Halberd along with a nice line of fire based magic.  He finished on around level 72 after over 70 hours.

It’s a weird game because at no point did I want to give up and just move on to another game.  Despite all the deaths (there were more than a few), really difficult boss fights and non boss fights I managed to stick with it to the end.  Frustration set on many occasions during my play through but I kept plugging away.

The bosses in the game include a massive green prison guard, a really big wolf swinging a sword around, a giant tree, a big moth and a big blob thing full of skeletons among others.  The final boss of the game was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the one who gave me the most trouble.  Defeating any one of these bosses is a definitely a time for celebration and more than a bit of relief.

There are many diverse areas in Dark Souls, all of which are gorgeous (for a 6 year old game).  Each area is filled with unique enemies, secret rooms and items and of course short cuts between each area to make moving between them much easier.

Will I move on to Dark Souls 2?  Yes I absolutely will, I am hooked on these games now.  Dark Souls 2 will be followed by Dark Souls 3 no doubt.  If you get the chance you should give these games a go, they are amazingly hard but so very worth it.


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