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Games I’ve Played In 2017 (So Far)

Persona 5

Persona 5 is one if the most stylish JRPGs around.  It looks amazing and has an awesome soundtrack.  There’s loads of game mechanics to learn and enjoy and a whole load of interesting characters to get to know. Building relationships between your character and his friends is an important part of the game as it can open up new skills during the palace crawling areas (same thing as dungeon crawling but they’re called palaces}.  If I had one gripe it’s that the talky cut scenes can go on and on and on and on etc.  However it’s a very enjoyable way to spend 90+ hours.

Zelda Breath of the Wild

A new Zelda game is always a big thing for Nintendo fans and this one is no different.  Set in a massive open world you once again take on the role of Link, the hero who has saved Hyrule many times before.  This time he wakes from a very long nap with no little to no direction and is thrown into a beautiful world.  The game revolves around exploring the landscape completing shrines to upgrade your health and stamina, and of course going after the evil Ganon. The first big exclusive on the Nintendo Switch is indeed amazing but in my opinion it is not the awesome game that some thin it is.


Set aboard a space station orbiting Earths Moon, experiments on an alien life form inevitably go wrong.  Prey is sort of metroidvania meets System Shock, you have go back and forth between different areas of the station unlocking new areas and completing quests.  All this while fending off the evil Typhon, some of which can mimic objects in the world.  This game is pretty awesome, it has an interesting story and some cool game mechanics that kept me hooked till the end.

Mass Effect Andromeda

The fourth game in the Mass Effect series is more of  a spin-off from the main story.  Set somewhere between Mass Effect 2 and 3 it sees Arks full of humans, Turians, Krogan etc sent out to the Andromeda galaxy to find new homes, naturally things go wrong.  A new alien race called the Kett start causing trouble and it is up to the Human pathfinder and his or her team to stop them and at the same time scouting out potential base locations on other planets.  I found ME:A a little disappointing at first, it unfortunately didn’t live up to the original trilogy.  However once I got a good few hours in to the game it really grabbed me and I started enjoying the setting and the new characters and missions.


Resident Evil 7

The 7th main iteration of the Resident Evil series is finally here and it’s a terrifying corker.

You play as Ethan who is searching for his wife who supposedly died 3 years ago. His search takes him to the home of the Baker family which is where the fun begins.

Resi 7 is played entirely in the first person, meaning all the scares are in your face. This is used to terrifying effect during the game since the Bakers like to get up close.

During the game you face each member of the Baker family one at a time. Each attack you in there own unique way. Jack, for example, is a walking tank who relentlessly chases you down. I’ll leave the others as a surprise. 

One of the main concerns before the game was released was people were worried that it would be missing all the things that make a Resident Evil game. Rest assured however that they are pretty much all here. We have herbs, strange doors, weird puzzles, evil experiments, item boxes and very little ammo.

Resident Evil 7 is a brilliant return to form for the series. I’ve already finished the game 6 times and I’m still not bored. Sure the last third or so doesn’t live up to the first two thirds but this is a game that shouldn’t  be missed.

My 5 Most Anticipated Games in 2017

2017 is here and with it a gaggle of new games.  Here are the games I’m most looking forward too.

Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil is back and so is the horror.Early reports suggest that this is classic Resi although from a first person view point. As a fan of the series I am really looking forward to being scared silly once again.

Horizon Zero Dawn

A brand new PS4 exclusive open world adventure with giant robotic dinosaurs. Don’t know a awful lot about the story or characters but the trailers really got my attention, this game looks amazing.

Mass Effect Andromeda 

The 9riginal Mass Effect trilogy were 3 of the best game during the last generation. This isn’t really a continuation of the the original 3 games, rather it’s a separate story set in a new galaxy with the Human eprace and others looking for a new home.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

A sequel to the surprising awesome South Park: The Stick of Truth. Cartman and co are back in a new adventure, this time they’re all super heroes.

Outlast 2

I love a good horror game and the first Outlast was one of the best in recent years. More horror shenanigans are bound to happen the sequel along with plenty of running away.

Things I Enjoyed In 2016 – Games

There’s a lot of these spread over both Xbox One and Playstation 4 (takes a deep breath). 

Best comeback award –  Final Fantasy XV

The Final Fantasy series is back on top form after many games of being mediocre to bad so yay! 

Best walking simply award –  Firewatch

Not a fan of the walking sims,  I usually find them dull and tedious.  However Firewatch has a interesting story,  great acting and is absolutely beautiful. 

Best FPS award –  Doom

Doom is back and is as gory and action packed as ever.  The single player campaign is the star here.  

Best remake – Ratchet and Clank

An absolutely stunning old school platform adventure that everyone should buy,  play and enjoy. 

Played the longest award –  Skyrim Special Edition

Currently over 100 hours in and still plenty to do. My archer/theif/Elf has plenty more adventuring to do. 

Best bit of time travel award – Quantum Break

Remedy sure like their strange stories,  but when they’re all of such high quality it doesn’t matter.  

Best racer –  Forza Horizon 3

Graphically the best,  it also plays perfectly with tonnes of content. 

Best 3rd person shooter – Gears of War 4

The fourth game in the Gears series succeeded where the Halo games failed. They had a really really great 4th game in the series 😂

My game of the year –  Uncharted 4

Nathan Drakes last adventure and as always it is full of stunning landscapes,  amazing set pieces,  wonderful character moments and loads of shooting. 

Until Dawn – Horror Games 

Until Dawn is one of the best horror games of recent years. Released in 2015 to plenty of praise and became something of a sleeper hit.

Until Dawn is the story of a bunch of teenage friends returning to the lodge were 2 of their friends were killed. The game takes place over the course of one night with the kids fighting for their lives.

Gameplay is similar to Heavy Rain with plenty of quick time events. However these QTEs never drag the game down and actually manage to enhance the experience. 

One of the best things about the game is that any of the kids can die and the story just carries on without them. This allows for a multitude of endings and plenty of tension if you’re trying to keep everyone alive.

I personally finished the game several times upon release and have decided to go back to it since halloween is just around the corner. 

Until Dawn is an awesome game with plenty of scares and well worth a play.

If you have any suggestions for which horror game I should play next let me know in the comments.

Dizzy – Retro Gaming

Firstly I apologise for the lack of posts over the past month.  This is due to being tired all the time from work and having to get up at half 3 in the morning.

What is Dizzy? Well Dizzy is a egg, with a face, feet and boxing gloves for hands. He roams the landscape picking up and using various objects to ultimately defeat the evil wizard Zaks or/and save the rest of the Yolkfolk.

The Dizzy games were released way back in the 8-bit era of the Spectrum and C64. Developed by the Oliver twins and published by Codemasters. They were a series of short adventure games, each one in a different setting. There were also a few puzzle and arcade games released featuring Dizzy but these are not what he is remembered for, at least by me.

Out of all the adventure games I think that Treasure Island is my favourite. A very tough (you only had 1 life and a bad inventory system) but rewarding game. The story is basically Dizzy gets stranded on a island and he has to find his way off the island. Many puzzles and coin collecting ensues. Only having one life makes things difficult, especially in conjunction with the inventory system. When you pick up an object it pushes the other objects up the list and ultimately drops one when you inventory contains 3 items. This is a pain when you’re under water and you are trying not to drop the snorkel. There are also hidden traps to avoid and some creatures who kill om contact.

Dizzy is easily one of my favourite charactets from back then, even though I was never any good at the games. In fact I have only really just completed them without cheating recently. Unfortunately back when they were originally released infinite lives was needed.

No Man’s Sky – PS4

Years in the making, No Man’s Sky is finally here. 

So what do you do in No Man’s Sky? Put simply you explore the universe on your way to the center of the universe.  Of course there is more to it than that. 

Discovering new plant and animal life is a major part of the game. Every planet contains a selection of new life, each of which you can scan and then name. In my experience most animals will pretty much leave you alone, some will run away and a few attack on site.

Mining minerals with your multi-tool allows you to upgrade your ship, exosuit and multi-tool. They can also be sold to the many aliens in the game, this currency can then be used to purchase a new and better ship.

Upgrade and component blueprints are gained from computet terminals and aliens. These blueprints can upgrade your shields, weapons, hyperdrive, your engines among other things.

You can also learn the many alien languages throught the game. Single words can be learnt from alien monoliths and ruins along with the aliens inhabiting the universe.

Space combat in the game is pretty much entirely optional and works well enough. It’s no Wing Commander or Freespace but is fun. Weapon wise i prefer the phase beam over the cannon, I was much more successful with the beam.

Should the worst happen and something kills you it is entirely possible to get your bits and bobs back. Simply head back to where you died to find your grave.

No Man’s Sky is a good looking game and is fun to play. I have yet to reach the center of the universe but am looking forward to seeing what is out there. I’ve made many interesting discoveries and am still finding new things.

The game isn’t perfect however. It has a tendancy to crash, this is always a pain especially if you haven’t saved for a while. I’m also worried about whether the game will still be fun in the long run since the gameplay can get a bit repetitive. 
Best bits

  • A very vast universe to explore
  • Lots to discover
  • Looks great
  • Easy to play

Bad bits

  • Could get repetitive after a while
  • Keeps crashing

Geeks Rule 

Back in school, like so many others, I was bullied. It made my life very difficult, I was miserable a lot. I was bullied because of my height, because I was shy and, for the purpose of this blog post, most importantly for what I enjoyed.

I loved video/computer games. Starting out on the Commodore 64 and moving on to consoles it was something that, at the time was bizzarley looked down on. But eventually this became a win for geeks since gaming is now a big business and everyone is doing it. So Geeks rule!

Sci-Fi was another passion. Whether it’s TV, films, comic books or novels I enjoyed it all. But again anyone who was into this was looked down on and beaten down with cruel words. These days comic book movies are everywhere and are massivley popular. Sci-Fi TV fills up schedules around the world and grows more and more popular. Sci-Fi seems to be where the interesting and varied characters are. It’s where different ideas can be experimented with. Once again Geeks rule!

Like many others I enjoyed all these things before they were considered to be cool. Geeks are true trendsetters of the past couple of decades (There are of course others). Geeks had to struggle through a lot to get where we are today.  Geeks are the ones moving us all forward. Geeks rule, FACT!

Pokėmon Go – My Thoughts

Pokėmon Go has been out for a little over a week and has already been phenomenally successful. Pretty much everyone seems to be playing it.

The game itself is very basic. You simply run around in the real world until the app informs you that a Pokémon is near by which you then try to capture by throwing Pokeballs at it.  You can then train up these captured Pokémon using the gyms scattered around your local area and use them to battle other players.

Pokémon can also be gained from hatching eggs which can be received from the many Pokéstops dotted around.  These also provide you with extra Pokéballs and other items.

The available Pokémon are all from the original set so you can potentially capture the likes of Pikachu, Eevee and Meowth.  This has the added effect of bringing in the older Pokémon fans who may not be familiar with the newer creatures.

In the future the developers will not doubt add more features but for now it has just enough to be enjoyable.

A great side effect of Pokémon Go is the way it has brought people together, there has been pictures and videos of groups of people gathering to capture Pokémon. This is simply wonderful and in todays increasingly messed up world it is an amazing thing to see.  There are of course people out there who want to ruin the fun, players have had there phones stolen and have been threatened by the petty minded, so be careful out there people.

You should definitely give the game a go it’s a lot of fun to see your favourite Pokémon appear in the real world and then to actually capture it is a great feeling.

The Good

  • Lots of fun
  • Bringing people together in huge crowds
  • I captured a Charmander
  • There was an Eevee on the end of my bed once
  • Gets people out of the house in a good way

The Gastly

  • Bit bare bones at the moment
  • I seem to be surrounded by Pidgeys
  • There seems to be certain Pokémon only available in certain parts of the world
  • Microtransactions

Dangerous Golf – PS4 Review

Playing golf inside is dangerous, FACT! If you have ever wanted to cause damage by knocking a golf ball around then the good people at Three Fields Entertainment have your back.

Dangerous Golf is basically the crash junctions from the Burnout games but with golf and inside various buildings. Your only objective is to cause as much damage with your golf ball as possible.

Each hole has around 3 stages, first you aim your ball in what ever direction takes your fancy and hit it causing loads of damage. Next you activate the Smashbreaker which sends your ball flying off with a trail of fire behind it causing even more damage, you have control of the ball direction and bounce during this. Finally you have to putt the ball into the hole, if you fail to get the ball in the hole you lose half of your score.

There are loads of levels in the game. Pretty much every level has targets which you can aim for to receive a bonus, for example knocking over all the paint pots or destroying all the statues. There are also levels with slightly different objectives such as one level with nothing but holes where you have to get a ball in each hole.

The destruction in this game is spectacular, pieces of random objects go flying off in all directions. Normally this would result in long loading times when you restart a level but thanks to some creative jiggery pokery in the latest patch it only rakes a few short seconds.

Dangerous Golf is tonnes of fun. There are lots to enjoy in both single and multiplayer.


  • Spectacular destruction
  • Loads of levels
  • Looks great
  • New patch has improved the game


  • Some levels are a bit too empty
  • Can get a little repetitive later in the game