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Dangerous Golf – PS4 Review

Playing golf inside is dangerous, FACT! If you have ever wanted to cause damage by knocking a golf ball around then the good people at Three Fields Entertainment have your back.

Dangerous Golf is basically the crash junctions from the Burnout games but with golf and inside various buildings. Your only objective is to cause as much damage with your golf ball as possible.

Each hole has around 3 stages, first you aim your ball in what ever direction takes your fancy and hit it causing loads of damage. Next you activate the Smashbreaker which sends your ball flying off with a trail of fire behind it causing even more damage, you have control of the ball direction and bounce during this. Finally you have to putt the ball into the hole, if you fail to get the ball in the hole you lose half of your score.

There are loads of levels in the game. Pretty much every level has targets which you can aim for to receive a bonus, for example knocking over all the paint pots or destroying all the statues. There are also levels with slightly different objectives such as one level with nothing but holes where you have to get a ball in each hole.

The destruction in this game is spectacular, pieces of random objects go flying off in all directions. Normally this would result in long loading times when you restart a level but thanks to some creative jiggery pokery in the latest patch it only rakes a few short seconds.

Dangerous Golf is tonnes of fun. There are lots to enjoy in both single and multiplayer.


  • Spectacular destruction
  • Loads of levels
  • Looks great
  • New patch has improved the game


  • Some levels are a bit too empty
  • Can get a little repetitive later in the game