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Geeks Rule 

Back in school, like so many others, I was bullied. It made my life very difficult, I was miserable a lot. I was bullied because of my height, because I was shy and, for the purpose of this blog post, most importantly for what I enjoyed.

I loved video/computer games. Starting out on the Commodore 64 and moving on to consoles it was something that, at the time was bizzarley looked down on. But eventually this became a win for geeks since gaming is now a big business and everyone is doing it. So Geeks rule!

Sci-Fi was another passion. Whether it’s TV, films, comic books or novels I enjoyed it all. But again anyone who was into this was looked down on and beaten down with cruel words. These days comic book movies are everywhere and are massivley popular. Sci-Fi TV fills up schedules around the world and grows more and more popular. Sci-Fi seems to be where the interesting and varied characters are. It’s where different ideas can be experimented with. Once again Geeks rule!

Like many others I enjoyed all these things before they were considered to be cool. Geeks are true trendsetters of the past couple of decades (There are of course others). Geeks had to struggle through a lot to get where we are today.  Geeks are the ones moving us all forward. Geeks rule, FACT!


Tall People Q & A

I’m 6 foot 8 inches tall and everytime I go out someone asks me about me height and only my politeness is keeping me from using my particular brand of sarcasm.  Here are some of the questions I get asked along with a answer I’d like to use.

You’re tall aren’t you?

Response: Am I? You have literally changed my life with your astute observations. 

What’s the weather like up there?

Response: The same as it is where you are, I’m only a foot taller.

Do you play basketball?

Response: Yes, for that is the sport of my people!

How tall are you?

Response: Tell me complete stranger how much do you weigh?

You’d be good at cleaning my ceiling.

Response: And you’d be good at cleaning my shoes.

Can you stand next to my short friend/family member? 

Response: Yes lets inconvenience and potentially embarrass two people at once.

Can you sit down so I can see?

Response: I feel for you but if I sit down I won’t be able to see over the standing people in front of me. Why don’t you stand on your chair.

Funny thing is if I used these responses they’d look at me like I’m the one who is rudely commenting on a complete strangers height.